Hair Extensions Melbourne

Delivering Holistic Hair Extensions Solutions

 Who are we?

Hair Extension Addicts & Entrepreneurs Driven by Passion 

We are a boutique salon specializing in Hair Extensions. We are hair artists, driven by passion, who ensure that everyone’s dream of having cascading, smooth hair becomes real. Whether inspired by celebrities or your individual choices, the fact is that people lust for flowing curls, flicks, creatively patterned braids and trending hair styles without worrying about the volume, texture or density of their hair. We have updated our portfolio with haircare and breakage-preventive treatment services. Our Melbourne-based salon is the perfect destination to get your hair transformed.

What to expect at Hair Extensions Melbourne?

Benefit from our enviable experience in Hair Extension Application

  • Use of high-quality, genuine 100% Remy Human Hair
  • Seasoned hair styling/designing professionals at work
  • Direct-to-salon supply chain to reduce costing
  • The best hair extensions with a distinct price advantage
  • No-compromise Customer Service with answers to all your questions

Hair Extensions Reality Check

Get the leverage of product education and plenty of choices

All apprehensions about hair extensions will fall apart when we provide you detailed, precise information about the subject. Rather than rumors and suppositions, we will empower you with real information to make an educated decision. Hair extensions are not the average fashion accessory—it is a lifestyle upgrade!

The Natural, Dedicated Approach to Hair Extensions

Delivering the latest & the best Hair Extensions

Our hair extensions have been manufactured using 100% human hair that will seamlessly blend with your natural hair. Here, we assist you with expert advice and impeccable services such as:

  • Clip-In Hair Extensions
  • Micro Bead Hair Extension
  • Weft Hair Extensions
  • Tape Hair Extensions
  • Fusion Hair Extensions

Trust our hair styling/designing experts to provide an entire range of hair extensions and associated services, such as:

  • Expert colour matching or colour blending hair
  • Hair cutting and styling for an instant makeover
  • Helping you choose the best hair by sharing product information
  • Re-applying your hair extensions or redoing them for the best Outcomes
  • Wide range of effective hair treatments to repair damaged hair

Hair Styling Technicians at Work

Ruthless Attention to Detail comes Naturally to Us

We help you choose Hair Extensions in accordance with your hair type and lifestyle. From making hair more voluminous, lengthier, denser, or for camouflaging extreme hair loss patches, we provide a holistic range of hair transforming solutions. Whether you seek better hair texture, get your hair coloured in safe, skin-friendly manner or restyle your hair extensions, we have the expertise and professionally trained staff that caters to such requirements. We emphasize on individual attention to every visitor at our salon!

Democratizing Hair Extensions

We source and process natural human hair via ethical practices

We have broken through the perception that only the rich can afford hair extensions. Providing your cost-effective, long-term hair solutions is now possible. Being hair designing and styling experts, we have created the perfect ecosystem of sourcing, creating and executing hair extensions to perfection with a major cost advantage.

Our Team Delivers Safe, Damage-free Hair Extensions

Our Quality Assessment Team ensures consistency and quality in every strand

We are driven by passion with a highly perceptive sensibility for every aspect of hair extensions. You get the assurance of services delivered by specialists in fully sterile, comfortable environment. From prepping you about the process to its aftercare, our team provides valuable insight.