When you need your hair to look more voluminous, lengthy, and shiny without putting them into any sort of harsh tests, permanent hair extensions are the wonderful options to go for. However, you need to take care of certain things in order to make your extensions a worth investment.Read More
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Before you seek guidance on the care tips, make sure you have chosen the best quality hair extensions in Melbourneto enhance your beauty and appear in the spotlight. Soon you are done with the selection; you must maintain your hair extensions so to keep their initial beauty intact and their grace do not fade in time.Read More
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What if you jump into the extensions? Their advantage? Earn volume and length with clip extensions. You can ask them yourself! This post will help you discover a lot about clip extensions, especially for those who like to change their overall look.Read More
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Are you fond of trying new hairstyles every day? Hair extensions are the best help you can rely on. To get the quality ones, you should consider reaching hair extensions suppliers Melbourne.Read More
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Hair extensionsMelbourne are not easy all times. It is likely that most women who tested hair extensions can sign. Here are the eight most common challenges noted:Read More
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Do you often feel trapped in questions about permanent hair extensions, their care, life and much more?And the answers you got till date – are they justified enough?

Just remember – ‘A choice with a doubt in mind can never make youwill never be a fulfilling one’

It’s better to get all your concerns cleared well-in-advance to make an informed purchase. Here’re 10 common questions that people often have while choosing their set of permanent hair extensions


 1. Are permanent hair extensions harmful? 

Permanent hair extensions are not harmful provided you have chosen right length and volume as per your natural locks. However, an extended hair requires more care than usual. Hairstylists often recommend daily care but also a little more thorough each week. A thorough review after five to seven weeks is also preferred. This enables you to enjoy your long hair as long as possible, but also to avoid tangled braces and unnecessary wear on both the hair and your natural hair. Make sure you use specially crafted care products tailored for extended hair. They are designed to be gentle to both your extensions and your natural hair. The products contain large amounts of moisture and nutrition, something that is especially necessary for a hair dryer and especially if you live in a dry climate like that in Scandinavia. 

It is also important that you insert and remove your hair extension properly. By following the above mentioned instructions and using recommended insert and removal products, you can simply minimize the risk of unnecessary damage to your hair. 

2. Which products should be used to care for permanent hair extensions? 


In order to keep your hair and permanent hair extensions quality maintained, it is important to add both nutrition and moisture. Because the extensions do not have a hair follicle and always sits a bit out of the scalp, they don’t share the same amount of natural fats as your natural hair. This makes it even more dependent on moisture and oils in order not to get dry and boring. A dry climatealso makes the hair drier especially during the winter months. The two main products you need are shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo adds to your hair both nourishment and moisture while balm inserts it into the hairline. Making a hair pack 1-2 times a week is also good for giving your hair that extra moisture boost.

3. What colour should I choose? 

Choosing the colour of the permanent hair extensions can be experienced as a jungle and be a hostage for many. You may be unsure what colour your natural hair really is, or do you want to know which colour suits you best? Some hair extensions providers like Lavadene even tries to make that choice as easy as possible for you by offering  a large amount of goods with varying colours, length and quality. You can look through the colour options on the website; you will definitely find the colour that is most similar to your own. Are you still unsure?You can consult the specialists over a call or personal meeting... Depending on your original colour hue, sometimes you may need different hair colours and shades to get as natural a result as possible. This is also an option if you want to achieve colour effects with, for example, loops in your hair. 

For more clarity, it's also good to take a picture of your original colour and try out different colours with it to find the perfect match! 


 4.  Which method should I choose? 

Choosing which method is right for you can sometimes be experienced as difficult. It does not have to be it. Before you insert a permanent hair extension, however, it may be a good idea to think about how your everyday life looks and what the purpose of your hair extension is.

Do you want it for the evening, for a shorter time, or maybe more permanent? Do you exercise a lot, do you wear headgear? Depending on how your natural hair looks, you can go for different methods and hair qualities. Do you have thin hair, nice hairs, coarser hairs, thick hair?

Yes, the list can be made long. But keep in mind that the most important thing is not to answer all the questions, the important thing is that you feel comfortable with your hair extension and by considering the choice of method and quality, you can find a good method for you. 

5. How long does my permanent hair extension last? 

Depending on the hair quality selected also varies durability of hair extensions in your hair extensions. The duration of your hair extension will also depend on the type of attachment and method you used. A permanent deposit can last up to three months and a semi-permanent between 6-8 weeks. With an On & Off method, durability depends largely on how much it is used.

However, the durability of the loose hair and your braces always increases if you take care of it and give it love. To follow the care instructions for each product is a good fingernail. A good ritual is to try to go through the hair once in the morning and once in the evening. When you go to bed, you can braid your hair to keep it straight. This should also be done when exercising and at times when you feel that the weather can affect. Be sure that you review your permanent extension within 5-7 weeks. Doing so will prevent your hair from growing too far, which may result in the extension shaking against your own hair. Clearing your hair often reduces the risk of tears in your hair and in your braces. Use your fingers and recommended brushes. With its soft brushstroke, they are gentle and gentle to your hair and hair extensions. Chlorine or salt water always wears on your hair;therefore, you should usea bathing cap at the times when the hair may be exposed to these substances. Another tip is to braid the hair and- or put it in a high knot to avoid contact with the water. 

6. Can I do my permanent hair extension myself ? 


Depending on which method you choose to use when inserting your hair, the difficulty also varies. However, no hair is too advanced to be unable to be inserted at home. A clip-on set allows you to easily insert yourself, but it may be helpful to have a friend helpful when inserting loops like Nail Hair that is heated. Inserting loops with other methods is not difficult at all but may require two extra hands, especially at the back of the neck. 

7. How long hair do I need? 

In order to give your permanent hair extension a nice transition with your natural hair, it is recommended to have at least ten centimetres of natural hair. If you feel that you already have long hair, do not despair. A hair extension will give your hair a new life, if you do not want the length you may want the thickness or why not the colour. Inserting loops for a while can also sweep your hair.

8. How to maintain their life? 


Everyone may have a permanent hair extension, but you need to keep in mind that a hair dryer requires more care than a normal hair. However, care is not more advanced than the one you should really put on your hair to get the best results. But keep in mind that by taking care of your hair extensions, you also take care of your natural hair. A winning concept simply!

9. What does it cost? 

Depending on the choice of quality of your permanent hair extension, the price also varies. However, it may be a good idea to think about what quality to choose. The slightly more expensive luxury hair costs even more to buy in.But if you are a person who knows that you will use those extensions again and again, the luxury extensions can be a good choice. The quality of the luxury hair is also better, which means that life expectancy will last longer. If you choose a synthetic hair extension instead, you can get a hair makeover at a cheaper price.

10. How do I shower the best way?

Whether you have a permanent hair extension inserted or not, there are certain things that you should avoid exposing your hair to. Before you shower, it is good if you brush your hair. Never brush a wet or wet hair. Wet hairs are much weaker than dry and brushing a wet hair increases the risk of hair getting rid of. 

When shampooing your hair, you can massage the shampoo and cleanse your scalp, then let it flow through the tops when rinsing it out. In this way, you avoid unnecessary wear on the lengths and still have a clean and fresh hair. Just like a natural hair, you should also avoid using the scalp in the scalp. It weighs down and tears to the pores of the scalp, which can cause hair loss, fungal formation, and oily scalp. It's also not preferable when you have a hair extension inserted, this when your hair becomes slippery, which makes your braces tend to slide off the hair. Instead, pull it along the lengths and rinse, nor here you need to rub to get it in the hair. 

Then apply for heat protection and let the hair self-wipe or wipe it with low heat using the hairdryer. Avoid shredding your hair; instead, squeeze out of the water with a towel. When you rub your hair, this wears on the outer layers of the skin, which can result in a dull and dull hair. When the hair is completely dry; cut out, brush and play to the desired haircut and results.

Hope all your queries regarding permanent hair extensions are resolved. If you still have some more questions, you can consult the experienced hair stylists available at Lavadene – one of the reliable options to get your hair extensions done professionally.





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Are you planning to buy tape hair extensions? Well, it can be pretty hard to make a final choice. You should know some important things before investing into tape hair extensions Melbourne.Read More
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How many times in a year did you get your hair trimmed for better growth? Or how often you heard that regular trim to hairs can help them grow long?

I’m sure that 3 out of every 5 people would say the same thing, but it is nothing more than a myth. It can help you treat split ends. It can bring them in right alignment or desired alignment. But, trimming is not at all concerned with the growth of your hair.

Stop following any such myth today especially when you have a simpler alternative to make your hair look longer, fuller, and stronger than before. You can easily get hair extensions to suit your style preferences and get a look of desire in no time without trimming your hair down or damaging them with any hair styling techniques including chemical treatments, straightening, or colouring, etc.


Most popular extensions that you can use to jazz up your regular look are:

Microbead Hair Extensions

Microbead hair extensions Full head includes beads to tighten up hair extensions in place. It is best option to choose for least damage as no glue or heating technique is used for attaching microbead extensions.

Weft Hair Extensions

Weft full head hair extensions are the ones made with 100% natural human hair that can be attached through any preferred method like sewing, clipping, gluing or taping. They are also referred as Remy hair extensions.

Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions full head come as best lightweight options to make your hair fuller instantly. You can choose synthetic as well as human hair tape extensions to transform your look without any damage to natural locks.

Pick the one that fits your hair styling requirements within just half of the budget you spend in salons for hair treatments every year and keep your natural tresses damage-free.

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Hey, young girls! Stop being the envy of your fellow mates just because you feel they have perfectly straight hair or nice curls or that wavy look you always wanted.

This doesn’t mean that you should not think of wearing a praiseworthy look. You should not forget about the alternatives you have. I’m sure many of you have already guessed the meaning of alternatives. It’s going to the salon that has strike your head, right?

Well, I could have guessed the same if I haven’t known about the damage-free alternative.

Am I taking too long to disclose the alternative? Okay! Let me put it straightforward. It is the clip in hair extensions.

Yes, girls! Hair extensions are in trend these days. They have so many advantages to offer. You don’t need to sacrifice the health of your hair by using chemicals on them or simply heating them up. The new range of easy clip-in hair extensions can bestow you with the best look you always dreamt of without a bit of damage.

In addition to plenty of styles including curls, wavy, and straight, hair extensions are available in different variety of colours to suit individual needs. You can also experiment a new look by trying different styles of clip-in hair extensions.Finding the best clip-in hair extension is no more a tough deal to crack. They are also available online. You can explore the variety of options from different brands to choose the hair extensions that not only complement your look but also stay light on your pocket.

One of the quality-driven brands for is Lavadene. They have an extensive range of natural-looking extensions made from genuine human hair to give you the best look without shining as an odd element to be noticed by every onlooker.

Go free with a new look every day with stylish and easy clip in hair extensions! Hair Extension


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Why Go For Hair Extensions Melbourne?

13 Apr 2017 2:49:02 AM

hair extensions melbourn

Looking stylish is no more limited to clothes you wear or the accessories you carry. It is about your hairstyle too. Many of us underestimate the magical touch that a hairstyle can give to our overall look. We all have certain reasons for it. And the most common among them is the damage that different hairstyle can cause to our hair. Damage could be increased hair fall, itchy scalp and many more problems arise due to regular hair styling. But, you can wave off good bye to all such problems with an easy alternative i.e. hair extensions. They are available in variety of textures, look, and length to complement your look no matter which part of the world you reside in. You can find them anywhere; let’s say if you are in Melbourne, you can simply search for hair extensions Melbourne to find options near you. In fact, hair extensions are the newest trend that youngsters follow due to ease and instant application.

Make sure you check for the quality of extensions you are going to purchase. If yours is an online purchase, you must refer to the user reviews. Also, you should clear all your concerns through telephonic assistance so to invest in a right extension to pair with your hair and keep them distant from any sort of damage. While making your search for hair extensions Melbourne, for example, you should also compare prices on different online stores to find the one that fits your look without being hard on your pocket. One of the reliable names in the list of hair extensions provider is Lavadene. So, carry a new look with every new day using quality hair extensions without any damage to your hairs.

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