Straight Clip In Hair Extensions

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Get finely blended hair extensions in tune with the latest in hairstyle trends. No conealed costing, no last-minute surprises. You get easy-to-attach, skin-friendly Hair Extensions that don't compromise on hair health—we keep it STRAIGHT!

From movie premier events to global forums, straight hair has been trending as a fashion accessory for women across the world. When you have volume and depth in your hair, Straight Hair styling is easy. However, grooming long layers, straightened to perfection is not easy. You need us—hair extension devotees who provide perfectly clipped-in, 100% Straight Remy Human Hair Extensions. We deliver beautiful hair extensions where it is not just about aesthetics. We are also talking about ethical practices. We ensure that only original, cruelty-free hair reaches our salon. Our fair-trade practices mean you get the assurance of guilt-free hair extensions.

Customized Hair Extensions Define Us!
We constantly update our inventory of real human hair to ensure there are always sufficient supplies in our salon…

We have a wide array of length options in the niche of Straight Clip-In Hair Extensions—one of our most popular offerings, that starts from 18 inches and goes up to 26 inches. Mainstream choices include 8 piece, 7 piece, 3 piece, and 1 piece set of hair extensions. Expect Straight Hair Extensions styled sleekly—always in vogue. We promise hair extensions that can be customized as per your preferences. Perfectly clipped-in to your hair, these hair extensions can be coloured or streamed as per your preferences. You get a natural hairstyle that comes without any maintenance hazards.

Delivering Straight Clip-In Hair Extension Experiences
Straight Clip-In Hair Extension is the perfect alternative if you want un-frizzy, straight hair that doesn’t need regular upkeep

Clip-in Straight Hair is the perfect hair voluminizing and styling solution where none of the allergy-causing chemicals or scalp-damaging synthetics are used. Our approach is natural. Our team of hair technicians will take you through the entire range of hair extensions on offer, helping you make an educated choice. The in-salon time for this hair extension option is rather limited. It can be coloured often to ensure your hair is the eternal fashion accessory—you can choose from the standard to slightly outlandish hair extensions. A Fix Clip keeps these hair extensions secured.