Hair Braids

Hair Braids: Bad Hair Days is a Myth!

Whether you have rock star aspirations or want a more glamorous makeover when starting college, there is one aspect that you cannot detach from your persona—your hairstyle. It should have something individualistic about it. Hair Braids make this rather easy—they are a global trend, part of fashion couture, and flaunted blatantly at red carpet events by hugely popular celebrities.

Not feeling sure about our ability to deliver the perfect braid? Just come over and meet our team of hair technicians. Yes, hairstyling is at par with an evolving technology, always progressing, disrupting what is considered normal. The energy at our salon is contagious. It will be an enlightening experience, exploring cornrows, simple braids and box braids.

What to expect? We don't repeat the usual tagline adopted by hairstylists like “No More Bad Hair Days”, our approach is more non-conformist. We want to deliver perfect braids with zero maintenance that don't damage hair strands or the scalp. Explore feather-tipped braids, pixie yarns, apart from eternal favorites like micro-braids and Zig-Zag cornrows. We do unusual braid patterns too with amazing regularity. Creating geometric shapes and sharing an endless list of design options is something our hairstyling artists do rather well. The secret lies in our specialization, not usually pursued at other salons. We have a versatile team where each personnel contributes with a bit of rare expertise. From pre-bonding specialists to coloring & blending artists and hair procurement experts, our team ensures your hair extensions are delivered with utmost care.