Permanent Hair Extensions

Want to make hair extensions a permanent part of your personality? We offer the most cost-effective, scientifically-perfected approach to durable, natural-looking hair extensions that come without an expiry date…

We are an Australia-based hair extension specialists salon. Our presence is expanding with increasing footprints in the specialist hair extensions salon space—pursuing global standards, our current range of services is high on quality, modest on the pricing part. We do Permanent Hair Extensions employing the latest techniques. You get a hassle-free salon experience, without the use of harsh chemicals or any trauma to the scalp. Our team of hair extension specialists are up-to-date with the latest in this segment. You get the assurance of

  • Optimized coverage across the scalp
  • Maintaining equal thickness 
  • Natural-looking hair that isn’t prone to breakage or getting dislodged
  • Perfect blend of smaller and longer hairs to create optimized weight distribution 
  • Overall improvement in the health and vitality of hair

We have broken through the clutter of typical Hair Salons. From the red-carpet look to casually styled and high-street aura, we provide the entire range of hair extension application and styling services…

We don’t stop at merely executing Permanent Hair Extensions. Our approach is more comprehensive. Using our skills in Colour Blending, we ensure finely blended hair, including subtle hues that make the hair look absolutely natural. A quality-conscious process ensures you get flawlessly matched hair. This penchant for excellence means catering to the often-ignored parameters like creating a hairline in accordance with the shape of head, natural colour of existing hair, and balancing longer strands in harmony with mid-length and smaller strands. Wet or dry, at home or outdoors in the harsh sun, our Permanent Hair Extensions are resilient—the perfect, all-season hair extension solution!

Confused about the utility of permanent hair extensions? Don’t Worry!
We provide a free, no-obligation consultation to help you understand the more technical and everyday handling aspects of hair extensions. Before proceeding with the actual application, we take you through the entire process, using audio-visual tools, to help you understand how our team of hair technicians use their expertise to create discreet, long-lasting hair extensions. Every bit of insight from the costing to aftercare is discussed in detail. At Lavadene Hair Extensions feel assured about getting the real details without inflating the price.

Weave/Weft Hair Extensions
The preferred, hair extension solution when you want glamour, the liberty to style-up your hair

Weft Hair Extensions are trending big these days, sported by celebrities, popular because of their eternal appeal and ability to survive tough climatic conditions. Here, hair extensions are either beaded on or sewn. We use natural hairs for creating small braids onto which, the weft hair extensions are sewn. 2 to 3 rows are the norm here but you can always ask for more. This method needs to be maintained 5-6 weeks to ensure the hair extensions stay in top condition. The Weft Microbead Method does not involve sewing or braiding. The weft microbead hair extensions are integrated with micro-beads.

Curl, Straighten, Wear It Up/Down—Weft Hair Extensions are the most well behaved choice—always ready to raise your style

No expensive aftercare. Hit the outdoors with the comfort of knowing that your hair looks real and won’t come apart. The flawless colour matching and hair blending process ensures you get the perfect hair extensions—a secret we swear never to reveal!

Microbead Hair Extensions – I Tip Hair Extension
Perfect option if you demand a seamless look. No heat or glue, no room for experiment—this is Hair Extensions delivered with amazing precision

We cater to every hair extension requirement. One of the most frequently demanded option utilizes microbeads. A slightly intricate process, it involves hair extensions integrated with individual, 1 gram thick strands. Microbead Hair Extensions are used to firmly hold each strand. The norm suggests using 75 to 100 strands. Using premium human hair and colour-matched beads, this is a rather versatile choice—you can easily remove and reapply these extensions. Easier to adjust as compared to other temporary hair extension choices, micro-beaded extensions can be positioned under layers of your hair underneath. You get an adhesive-free hair extension option that requires minimal caring. Our salon offers you the best in micro-bead extensions, ensuring their longevity is maintained.

Tape Hair Extensions

What looks great should feel fantastic. This is what you get with our range of Tape Hair Extensions—the only option when all you want is 100% real looking hair.

Tape Hair Extensions employ a special type of tape for attaching the extensions, using natural locks. We recommend this for folks who have thin hair as the tape lies flat against the hair, generating the perfect illusion of volume and you also get natural-looking hair—a big reason why this hair extension method has been engaging a lot of attention. Pre Bonded Tips, using Keratin Bonds, ensure resilience. You get extensions that are not susceptible to damage. We deliver longer lasting and discreet Tape Hair Extensions. Our team of hair extension experts have created boutique options for your consideration, such as colour selection of single and mixed natural blends to ensure you get the desired results without any compromises.

What to expect at Lavadene Hair Extensions
-Transparency in pricing
-No misleading, recalculated charges based on length of hair
-No surprise materials during the application
-Information on Maintaining your hair extensions
-Colour matching & hairstyling-focused approach

Think of this as a collaborative process, where our hair styling artists work with you to deliver the perfect results. You can upload a picture of your hair and we will revert with the best way to take this forward, brainstorming the best possible options, in tune with your lifestyle choices and your hair styling goals.