Dreadlock Hair Extensions. 

We provide all natural dreadlocks using the crotchet method. Our dreadlocks method doesn’t require any wax or chemicals. We interlock dreadlocks with a crotchet hook and comb which will give you instant dreadlocks that last.

Some other salons like to use chemicals or wax to form their dreadlocks, but actually this is the worst method because the dreadlocks are not actually locked and the dreadlocks will undo very quickly even after the first wash.

The crotchet method insures your dreadlocks won’t open or become fluffy and your dreadlocks will be nice, tight and locked from the beginning.

Dreadlocks installed with the natural method using crotchet hook means your job will be a lot easier to maintain because you will not have to go buy any maintenance products.

Lavadene hair extensions are very experienced when it comes to dreadlocks in Melbourne. We take pride in our work and value every customer and make sure all our clients are 100% happy with their dreadlocks in Melbourne.

We install dreadlocks from scratch and also offer maintenance for all your dreadlocks needs.

If your hair is 10cm to 20cm it is recommended that you use dreadlock extensions to get a firm join. 

If you would like to get dreadlocks you will be required to book to come in for a free consultation. At the consultation we will determine the thickness, length and how many dreadlocks you will need. You will also be required to pay a 50% deposit for hair and interlocking which will not be refunded because we will colour match and  prepare the hair for you which we cannot sell to anyone else.


Hair Length

Interlocking Fee Price

Short Hair (chin to shoulders)


Medium (shoulders to halfway down back)


Long (halfway down back and longer)






Human Hair



$10 each



$12 each



$18 each

Full Head usually requires around 50pcs of dreadlock extensions 


Lavadene Hair Extensions offers affordable dreadlocks maintenance which cost $200 this includes:

  • Fixing split ends
  • Re- tightening regrowth
  • Fixing split ends
  • Fixing loose strands or flyways
  • Re-fixing roots 

We use the natural method so there is no need to purchase maintenance products but it is very important to come to our salon every 4 to 6 months to make sure your dreadlocks are growing nicely and to also keep them tight and clean.

Book Online for your free consultation or call Mb: 0413 218 239

Our Salon is located at:

Lavadene Hair Extensions

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