Micro Bead Hair Extensions

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Micro Bead Hair Extensions: Our Team at Lavadene Hair Extensions Melbourne will install your micro bead hair extensions in a way that looks so amazingly natural.

The micro bead hair extensions we use are of the highest quality Human Hair Extensions. Our Micro bead hair extensions are double drawn which means thick from top to bottom.


The Microbead Method is applied using a strand by strand method and usually a full head consist of 100 strands. It usually takes about 2 hours to complete application.

Looking after your micro bead hair extensions is very easy. You wash and style it just as you would your normal hair. You can also curl and straighten the hair extensions.

Benefits of the Micro Bead Hair Extensions

- Looks so natural
- You can tie hair up in high ponytail
- Feels light on head but gives volume and length

A full head of micro bead hair extensions including installation, hair and cut and blend is $395

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