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Tape Hair Extensions: Come to our salon and have our Team at Lavadene Hair Extensions Melbourne install your Tape hair Extensions in a way that looks so natural.

The Tape hair extensions we use are 100% High Quality double drawn Human Hair Extensions.

You will receive a free hair consultation and our staff will recommend the right hair extensions for your hair.

Tape Hair Extensions are great for those people who have thin hair, but want to have thick hair at the same time by adding length. When applying the tape hair extensions we take 2 pieces at a time and put a thin section of your natural hair in between the 2 pieces. A full head usually consist of 40pcs. It usually takes about 1 hour to complete application.

You need to come every 6 weeks to tighten your tape hair extensions. The tape hair extensions can be straightened and curled just like your natural hair.

Benefits of the Tape Hair Extensions

- It feels comfortable & light on head
- You can put your hair up in ponytail
- Gives volume and length

A full head of tape hair extensions including installation, hair and cut and blend is $395.00

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