Services We Offer

Services we Offer
Microbead Full Head $395 22 inches
Weave Hair Extensions $395 20 inches
Tape Hair Extensions $395 20 inches
Box Braids $250 With Extensions
Cornrows $180 With Extensions
Microbead Individual strands tightening full head $150
Weave Tightening 1 Row $50
Microbead Weft Tightening 1 Row $50
Tape hair extensions Remove & Reapply full head $180

We are Hair Extension Specialists with a pan-Australian presence and global dreams. Catering to every type of hair extension service, we ensure there is a cost-effective, practical solution for all hair designing, makeovers, or hair management challenges—just point at your specific needs and we will handcraft the perfect solution!

We understand that the hair extension marketplace has become rather confusing, with little clarity about quality benchmarks or a standard approach. We are changing this by creating an easy-to-navigate digital platform and a bouquet of services explained with 100% transparency.

From hair extensions delivering dynamic visual effects to being used as an everyday accessory, this niche continues to evolve.

We embrace the challenge of upgrading our skills.


  • Ethically procured hair – no animal testing – no animal extracts
  • Emphasis on hypo allergic, skin-safe hair extension/treatment
  • Humane working conditions
  • Strict NO to products sourced from sweatshop environments
  • Adherence to fair trade practices
  • Stringent quality checks for all ingredients
  • Working directly with regional distributors
  • Broker-free business model to eliminate price-inflating resources

Hair Extension Services on offer:

Weft Hair Extensions

We have proven expertise in two types of Weft Hair Extensions—Sew and Microbead Weft hair Extensions.

  1. Sew on Weft Hair Extension: weft hair extensions are meticulously sewn on the braid or cornrow for a better grip. Sew hair extension is quick and can instantly enhance length and volume of your hair.  
  1. Microbead Weft Hair Extension: an approach very similar to sew method but does not involve braiding. Weft is attached to head using microbeads. This needs expertise gained via hundreds of real-time hair extension sessions.

We use Double Drawn Thick from top to bottom, 100% Human Hair

20 inches from $395

Please Note:- Prices include hair & installation Call (0413 218 239) for appointment or book online


Tape Hair Extensions

Tape Hair Extensions is perhaps the quickest approach to getting safe, long-term hair extensions without spending big or being stuck with high-maintenance extensions. We insist on using only 100% human hair that can be reused. Taped extensions are sustainable for nearly 4 to 6 weeks without any hassles.

Full Head (40 pieces) $395.00

Price includes Installation Service Charge and price of hair extension.
Call Mb: 0413 218 239 for booking an appointment or book online.


Microbead Hair Extensions

Microbead Extension uses individual strands. This hair extension technique blends beautifully with your real hair to create a natural-looking mane. The method delivers lightweight extensions within 2 – 3 hours and has an appreciable lifecycle.

Full Head $395.00
  • Price includes installation service charges and price of hair extension.

                                 Prices Special Offer
               22-inch Full Head Hair Extension: $395



We have hair extension experts who can create popular, unique, emerging or even outlandish Full-head Cornrows. Explore our approach to creating cornrows, including various geometric shapes and patterns.

Prices: $180.00

  • Price includes Installation Service Charge and price of Hair Extension.

Clip in Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Melbourne has a wide range of Clip-In Hair Extension Services no matter how difficult it is to manage your hair or if you are struggling with typical challenges like hair thinning or a dry/greasy scalp. We have straight, wavy and curly clip-in hair extension proficiency. Gain from the expertise of our hair stylists who use solely 100% Remy Human Hair.

Prices:  from $110 - $280


Weave Hair Extensions

Hair weave extensions take about 1hour to install, involving braiding and sewing the weft hair on to the braid to add more volume, length and improve your overall look. Our team of Hair Extension Specialists help you evaluate the relevance of weave extensions, including partial, full and non-braid weaves. We use 100% genuine Remy Hair for our quality-focused hair extension services.

Prices: $350



Braids are very stylish, often described as being sporty—the perfect choice if you want your hair to be a fashion accessory. We craft designer braids, making them the defining feature of your overall persona. We deliver Full-head Box Braids in multiple, vibrant shades.

Prices start at $395.00

  • Price includes installation service charge and price of hair extension