Wigs: Perfect Fitting. Human Hair. Natural Looks.

There is always a better wig out there—most people just don't know how to find one, maintain or use it. We deliver the finesse in designer and basic wigs. Absolutely safe, tailored by our team of hair styling experts, created to deliver the perfect boost to your persona, wigs are among our most eagerly sought hair extension solutions.

You can add lustrous hair, tailored for a length you prefer, styled to specific reasons such as a workplace look or a comprehensive makeover; whatever might be your wig-based objective, we deliver the outcome, i.e. a lightweight, simple to attach wig that is easier to maintain. Wigs have garnered popularity due to their versatility. Our wigs come with the advantage of a modest price tag too—a reality despite our insistence on using only ethically procured wigs made from real human hair.

What makes us better than other, similarly-themed salons? The secret recipe lies in our team members. Apart from extensive salon experience, our team presents an assortment of various skills, imbibed from their lifestyle choices, that helps us understand the consumer mindset a lot better. This includes hair extension experts who have dabbled in arts to avid travelers, part-time food bloggers, linguists, and voracious readers. This translates into a team with an enviable insight into customer requirements. From party wigs to regular use wigs, we ensure that only the finest of 100% Remy Hair reaches you. We are quick to scout, spot, and follow trending hairstyles.

From peppy colours to straightened strands, our wigs can be transformational. We bring flair and focus to a finely groomed selection of high quality wigs, combined with expert consultation. You get the latest in wig technology—hair solutions that are easy to deploy, remove and restyle. Traditional issues related to wig maintenance have been overcome with our dedication to detail. You get the assurance of bouncy, soft, easy-to-manage wigs inspired by the latest fashion trends. From ostentatious to simple wigs, we are home to bespoke wig designs, priced to perfection, styled to your wishes. Expect to be pampered at our salon…perhaps, some coffee and cookies too!