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6 Poor Practices That Will Ruin Your Hair Extensions

Beautiful, smooth strands of human hair extensions slide between your fingertips like silk. You invest a lot of money in hair extensions in Melbourne to make sure you always have that flawless, stunning appearance. However, if you have been observing the damage to your hair extension for some time, you should also consider your daily routine and the environment in which you live.

Read on to learn more about them and how to create habits that will help you avoid them!

  1. Air pollution – Smog, smoke, fumes, and other air pollutants collect on your hair extensions and build up as a layer on top of them. This detracts from their attractiveness and gives them a drab, dusty aspect. These air pollutants can dry out hair extensions in addition to harming their appearance. So, it is best to always cover your hair extensions Melbourne with a silk towel and refrain from smoking if you have a bad smoking habit or live in an area that is heavily polluted.
  2. Poor Cleaning Practices – Both excessive and insufficient washing of your hair extensions in Melbourne can seriously harm them. If you don’t wash your extensions correctly, they’ll smell dreadful, look dull, and appear dead.
    On the other side, over-washing the extensions will cause them to lose moisture, which will cause them to become dry.
    In order to preserve the health and beauty of your extensions, it is best to wash them once a week.
  1. Utilizing harsh and excessively drying products
    You must have received advice from your hairstylist to use paraben- and alcohol-free, moisture-rich shampoos and conditioners. This is due to the harshness of products with a high alcohol content on the extensions, which can cause serious harm to them. Use sulphate- and phosphate-free hair extension cleaners, and be gentle with your extensions. Before utilising a product, always read the label.
  1. Grooming or Trimming the Extensions – Trimming or cutting the extensions can help keep them looking beautiful. However, if you overuse it, you’ll end up with short, damaged hair. If you consistently engage in this technique, it is imperative to moisturise your hair with the necessary natural hair oils. This will ensure that your extensions are free of any damaging radicals and are not damaged.
  2. Poor Handling – Make sure you bring silky, cuticle-free, smooth hair extensions. But if you don’t treat them right, they’ll get frizzy, and dull and even cause more knots. As a result, you must touch your hair extensions gently. Make use of combs and brushes with wide teeth. Furthermore, only use bobby pins, rubber bands, or other hairstyle tools when absolutely required because doing so could cause hair extensions to fall out.
  3. Using Harsh Glues – If you use any harsh glues to attach your hair extensions, both the scalp and the hair extensions will be harmed.
    Natural hair may suffer serious damage as a result of using such glues. You must choose glues that are secure and safe for the scalp. You can always ask a professional or a hairstylist for these products. The specialists advise employing only those goods for the extension out of the available variety of such products.

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