box braids
box braids

Box Braids Melbourne

Box braids Melbourne, there is no better place to have your hair braided. We have all the styles and colours to create amazing braids at our salon located in Melbourne.

Braiding takes 4-5 hours, but as a result your hair will look amazing. You can choose to have thin, medium or thick braids. There are so many styles you can do with your braids. You can part your braids in many ways including triangular, square and much more.


Includes Hair & Installation


Box braids are very fashionable and great in any season. This method of braiding usually involves using synthetic hair extensions to braid with your natural hair. The extra hair added gives your braids volume and it makes your braids last much longer.
Braids can be kept for as long as 2 to 3 months. We charge an affordable price for box braids but most importantly we do a brilliant job. To conceal the ends of the braids we us hot water. The hot water will keep your braids in for a long time without the use of elastic bands.

How To Maintain Your Box Braids

It is important to wash your braids well with a conditioning shampoo and make sure you air dry it. There is also a braids sheen spray which you should use to keep your braids shiny. When sleeping make sure you use a large hair net to keep your braids neat.

If you would like to have your hair braided in box braids you must book an appointment. You can book by giving us a call or you can book online from our website. Come in with your own style in mind or let us help you get that perfect look. Bookings are essential because this method of braids is very popular and we usually get booked out.

We look forward to meeting you and creating your perfect braids.