Box Braids For Men – The Style You Can’t Ignore

Box braid is the most popular style among men, and no doubt, it adds an incredible look to the bearer. The versatile fashion of box braids has been in the trend, and we at Lavadene Hair Extensions, Melbourne, know how to knot the perfect box braids.

If you are also looking to switch the style domains and wish to carry a new look, box braids for men are great. All you have to do is schedule an appointment with Lavadene Hair Extensions, Melbourne, and visit us. Our experienced hair professionals will precisely tie every hair into the perfect box braids.

How We Do It?

At Lavene Hair Extensions, Melbourne, we treat your hairstyle desires as our own, and our effortless working way results in the best-done hairstyles. We work as a team of highly skilled hair specialists who know the perfect ways to knot the hairs into braids.

Tying Box Braids Men require special expertise that you can find here at our salon. Our hair experts follow a well-designed process to knot Box Braids for Men, and you get the style with perfection.

Our Process

When you visit us, we prepare and set your hair for braiding. The process follows the below-mentioned steps in the correct order –

  • Washing your Hairs

Washing off your hair with shampoo and conditioning them to take off all the dirt. We use non-sulfur shampoo for the purpose of preventing your hair from any damage.

  • Detangling

We then brush your hair to detangle them and make them and remove all the knots before braiding.

  • Parting your Hair into Sections

Based on the length of your hair, we will part your hair into boxes/sections. You can also put your request regarding the number of boxes you wish to get.

  • Softening

To ensure high comfort levels for our clients and form perfect box braids, we pick every hair from the section and moisturize them again. We mainly use Shea butter, argan oil, hair butter, or other high-graded hair moisturizers to soften your hair.

  • Clipping and Braiding

Now you are ready to get the hairstyle you need. We clip your hairs according to the sections created and knot the best box braids.

Log in the Style Domain – Lavadene Hair Extensions, Melbourne

We are the most popular salon in Melbourne for men’s box braids and other extensions and have been serving the hairstyle needs of all our clients. It doesn’t matter if you have long or short hair; we will craft the best box braids and keep you suited to the modern styles.

Our hairstylists will also guide you about the aftercare of the box braids to keep them in a fresh look all the time. Choose to slay with style.

Hang them loose in style – Get Impressive Box Braids from Lavadene Hair Extensions, Melbourne. Contact us for Box Braids for Men and other hairstyles.