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Everything You Must Know Before Getting Hair Braiding in Melbourne

Summers are here, and until you get your hair braided for the more fabulous season to protect it, let’s go over all you would need to understand about hair braiding in Melbourne.

From the moment you decide to get hair braids to sitting down in the stylist’s chair and until the last step of the final reveal, there is nothing but anticipation. Sure, there were days when you would enjoy flinging your long braids over your shoulders and pretending to be the main character in a cliche Hollywood movie. But the luxury of long hair braids in Melbourne comes to those who work for it.

Braids were something we included in our hair care routine once we started wearing our hair naturally. At times, our mom or grandma would braid our hair into cute little pigtails, or we would start braiding them out of habit.

It’s time we take things to another level. The crucial step is to final a great stylist in hair braiding in Melbourne. While most of them seems promising, it’s on you to filter the real deal. Here we’ll walk you through the easy steps of what you must do before getting hair braids in Melbourne:

  • Pull out your research specs: This is a moment when your best buddy will be on all the social media channels you can lay your hands on.
    There are some hair braiding services in Melbourne that might not have an official website, but they most probably will have a social media account; check for the same.Look out for their Instagram account or do some investigative work to check if anyone you know has visited a specific hairstylist.

    Hair braiding isn’t like experimenting with your choice of pizza. Trust us, pineapple on pizza is much better than choosing wrong and getting hair breakage.

  • Know Your Style Before your Sit on the chair: If you’ve discovered the perfect extensions, let your stylist know ahead of time that you’ll be providing your hair.If you’re unsure whether you want human or synthetic hair, look into what your salon offers for hair braids in Melbourne and see if it complements your hair.What counts is what you do when you’re sporting your new tresses, how you maintain and what you put into it for nourishment.
  • Avoid Tight Braids: Many people use braids to preserve their hair in a protective style and minimize the wear and tear that comes with daily life. Braids that are overly tight may most likely break, causing mild to severe damage.
    Communicate with your hairstylist; if the first braid irritates you, let your hairstylist know. Braids should not irritate or pull at your scalp. Some people believe that tight braids make them last longer, but it actually puts a lot of stress on the hair, causing it to thin.
  • Don’t skip hair care: One of the most common misunderstandings regarding hair braids in Melbourneis that it doesn’t require any regular maintenance. Your scalp must be kept clean and moisturized!Not moisturizing will result in dreadlocks which will inevitably break when you try to get rid of them. After your braids are removed, you should be able to comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb. Maintain the hair growth and keep the scalp moisturized. There is no such thing as a protective style that requires no effort.

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