Hair Braiding
Hair Braiding

Hair Braiding Melbourne

Hair braiding Melbourne is where you can have stylish braids. Lavadene Hair Extensions is a salon located in Melbourne specializing in hair braiding. Our stylists have over 10 years experience in hair braiding and we know you will love your braids. Hair braiding is very time consuming, but as a result you will have beautiful hair braids. If you are in search of the best and most affordable hair braiding salons Melbourne, then you are at the right place, we are here to serve all your hair braiding and hair extensions requirements.

Braids have been around for years and it is a very creative hairstyle. When deciding to have hair braids you must first of all wash your hair well. You should also allow about 4 to 6 hours because it does take time but as a result, it will be worth it.

Braids can be worn in many styles and colors. It does take a few days to get used to them due to the extra hair, but it won’t be long before they feel like your own hair. Customers like having braids probably because they are so different and unique.

Stylist normally uses synthetic hair for braiding so that the braids don’t come out quickly. The synthetic hair for braiding also makes your hair braids look really nice. Our hair for braiding comes in many natural and also bright colors. When we finally finish your braids we will seal the ends by using hot boiled water. The hot water used on the end of the braids seal it so that the braids don’t undo.

Best Hair Braiding Salons Melbourne

Lavadene Hair Extensions is an African hair salon located in Melbourne. Our hair salon also supplies African hair products which are great for your hair. We have over 15 years of experience in hairdressing. Our staff is quite professional and well qualified. We can look after all hair types. Hair relaxing and perming is another service we offer at our hair salon. If your hair is very dry, we have some great treatments which are great for all hair types including African hair.

African Hair Braiding Melbourne

If you are after African Braiding in Melbourne, come to our salon for perfect braids. We offer African hair braiding in Melbourne, including cornrows hair styles, using high-quality synthetic & human hair extensions. All our customers are important to us and we make sure that our hair braids are done perfectly. When you decide to have your hair braided, you must make sure your hair is clean. If you want hair braiding with extensions our salon used the highest quality kanekalon hair. The extensions we use are very comfortable on hair and do not irritate the scalp.

Maintaining Your Hair Braids

Hair braids usually last around 1 to 2 months. You can still wash your hair with your braids and it is advisable to condition them with leave in conditioner or spray. After washing your braids you just leave them to air dry. Our services include weave hair extensions Melbourne, clip hair extensions, Hair Braiding Melbourne, Micro Bead Hair Extensions Melbourne and Halo Hair Extensions Melbourne.

We provide one of the best human hair weave hair extensions Melbourne. Please call our salon in Melbourne to book your appointment. When deciding to get hair braids you can call our store Lavadene Hair Extensions located in Melbourne. We will discuss the look you are after and you can also bring photos of your desired look.

Please call our salon in Melbourne to book your appointment. You can also book online.