Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions: The Journey From Beyond

Good hair is a must-have for every dream look we women plan. Luscious, shiny, and thick hair is something that tops our wish list every time. Life would’ve been much simpler if attaining and maintaining the same was easy.

If you are tired of being stuck in the mundane loop of complaining about thin and dull hair that keeps breaking and doesn’t grow past your shoulder. You must have been suggested to go for hair extensions by many. Hair Extensions in Melbourne is in rage for the effortless beauty they impart on the bearer.

Today we have excellent options in hair extensions that blend beautifully with natural hair to add length, volume, and glamour. It’s surprisingly refreshing to know that this trend is not new in the market and has been sustained in the fashion industry for ages we can’t fathom.

Let’s have a look at how this trend has evolved in different periods and generations ever since:

  • Hail, Queen Cleopatra!
    Hair was an integral aspect of a woman’s outlook even 2000 years ago. The Egyptians, for example, were very serious about their head hair. Cleopatra, a strikingly beautiful example, loved her gorgeously braided thick hair. She took pride in her beauty, and rightfully so, her hair was a significant aspect.
  • The Era of Elizabeth
    16th Century was immensely influenced by Queen Elizabeth I, the first reigning queen of England. She was a statement in herself not just because of her status and power but also the bold and beautiful persona she possessed. Her height-boosting hairpieces and wigs played a crucial role in the same. As a monarch, she had access to the best quality materials and maidens who knew their way.
  • Hair Extensions as a Status Symbol- 17th Century
    France’s King Louis XIII started the trend of hair wigs and hair extensions going beyond the female gender. He used custom-made, high-quality hair wigs to cover up his baldness. Soon high-status men followed suit, and it began a status symbol for the rich.
  • Introducing Human Hair Extensions in the early 1900s
    As hats and hairpins grew in popularity, women began experimenting with hairdos that created an illusion of fuller hair. From using hairpins to lift hair curls to using broken hair from hairbrushes in amping up nooks of perfect hairdos; Hair extensions were born by the simple innovation of ordinary women.
  • From Snazzy Sixties to the Terrific Today
    The snazzy sixties shone with clip-in hair extensions and bee-hive styles on fashion icons like Jackie Kennedy and Brigitte Bardot. Hence, implementing a more generic usage of hair extensions.

The ’80s was the revolution where no self-respecting celebrity escaped the trend of gorgeous hair extensions elevating their style. Big hair was the ‘it’ thing again.

The 1990s and 2000s saw hair extensions becoming widely accessible in every form and type. You get the length, color, thickness, and styles of your choice. However, the synthetic quality was very prominent and ruined the whole classy vibe of the hairstyles.

Today, we are blessed to have the market of 100% natural hair extensions that are procured through virgin means with the best restoration methods. Best quality hair extensions at affordable prices that rejuvenate your hair’s natural grace and shine are available with ease in the market. Clip-In Hair Extensions, Tape Hair Extensions, Weave Hair Extensions, and Micro Bead Hair Extensions in Melbourne is commonly popular options.

Lavadene Hair Extensions and Box Braids Melbourne respect the legacy of our eminent ancestors. We strive to make hair extensions accessible, better, and convenient for our lovely clientele. We analyze the best match for your hair, use the healthiest and safest measures to install it for a stunning you.

Our specially designed hair care packages give our customers long-lasting glamorous looks. We commit to taking the flag forward to new heights of incredible and sustainable fashion.