Halo Hair Extensions Melbourne

A salon located in Melbourne, Halo Hair Extensions Melbourne is available at Lavadene Hair Extensions. This type of hair extension is great because it is so quick to apply. Halo Hair Extensions come in different lengths, colors and thickness. You are welcome to visit our store in Melbourne and we can show you how to wear this extension. The halo hair extensions come with a thin clear string. The string is worn like a head band under your hair. Then you flip your natural hair on top of the string and as a result, you get extra thick long hair. This method of extensions is certainly the best for people who don't have time to be visiting a hair salon. It is great for all hair types and is easy to wear. Halo hair extensions do not damage your natural hair. Our services include weave hair extensions Melbourne, clip hair extensions, Hair Braiding Melbourne, Micro Bead Hair Extensions Melbourne and Halo Hair Extensions Melbourne. We provide the best human hair weave hair extensions Melbourne. Please call our salon in Melbourne to book your appointment

Halo Hair Extensions

The great thing about halo hair extensions is probably the fact that you don't need any clips.  This extension method does not need any clips and as a result, it lays flatter. When wearing these hair extensions it seems like your natural hair. Our hair extensions are high quality human hair extensions. You can wash these hair extensions just as you would your natural hair. Halo Hair Extension is popular due to the fact that it can be worn with no clips. With these extensions, you don't need to go to a salon for maintenance which is another reason customers love this. Halo hair extensions are almost like wearing no hair extensions at all. You can style your extensions by curling and also straightening. To keep your extensions soft it is advisable to wash them with sulfate free shampoo. You can also spray them with leave in conditioner.