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Human Hair Wigs Melbourne

Human Hair Wigs are available in our Melbourne store. We sell best quality wigs to purchase in our store.  All our human wigs can be coloured, curled and also straightened. You can choose to purchase the wigs we have available or you can also have a custom wig designed for you. Many women loose their hair because of age, illness or it may be hereditary. Hair Extensions are not suitable for all women and purchasing a wig may be the best option. Lace wigs are great because it actually looks as though the hair is growing from your scalp. The lace material is very comfortable and your skin can breath through the lace. Our lace wigs come with a clips or combs attached and also has an adjustable strap to change size to fit your head. The best thing about out wigs is that yes they are very high quality, but they are also affordable.

Hair Toppers Melbourne

Lavadene also provide hair toppers in our Melbourne store. Hair toppers are great for women who are loosing their hair in the top crown area of the head. The hair topper covers the thinning section and gives the crown are more fullness. The hair topper is light weight and feels very comfortable to wear on your head. We have different length and colours available in our store. It is best to book online to come in and discuss your options.  You can also phone us to book a time for you to come to our store. Our staff is ready to help you feel great again about your hair.