Blonde Braid 613
  • Blonde Braid 613

Blonde Braiding Hair – 613 Braiding Hair Extensions


Length: 24 inches

Weigh: 100grams

Express Posted


Blonde Braiding Hair

Buy Blonde Braiding Hair Extensions Online from Lavadene Hair Extensions Australia. We sell only the best Synthetic Braiding Hair. Lavadene sells different shades of Blondes including dark Blondes & light blondes which are available to buy here on our website.  You can browse our website and see the other blonde braid extensions we have here on our website. We offer Afterpay and Express Delivery within Australia.

Our Synthetic Hair Extensions are of the highest quality. Our Salon has over 15 years experience in hair braiding and we can only use the best Braiding Hair on our clients. The braiding hair extensions are already pre stretched so you can just remove the braiding extensions from the pack and braid instantly.

The Blonde Jumbo Braids are great for creating Dutch Braids, Box Braids, Ponytail Braids, Cornrows and so much more. You will love how easy it is to braid with our hair braiding extensions.

The length of the extensions is 24 inches which is nice and long and the weight is 100 grams. If you are in Melbourne we can also install the braids for you. Please note that we sell all Hair Braiding Extensions Online Only as it ships from our Warehouse located in Melbourne.

When doing hair braids, it is best to use some hair gel on your natural hair, so that it helps your hair to be smooth and makes it easier to braid with extension. You can also add beads or other hair accessories which we also sell at Lavadene Hair Extensions.

All our clients have mentioned to us how much they love the feel of the extensions. It feels very comfortable on your head and does not itch. The best thing about our synthetic braid extensions is that they last a long time and look great.


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