Box Braids

blonde colour box braids

Reasons Box Braids are Your Hair’s New Best Friend

The trend of box braids as contemporary and bold hairstyles is not new. Box Braids have been in style since ancient Egyptian times. The Egyptians were the trendsetters in their times, and their love for thick, long hair was no hidden affair.

Talking about recent times, they have been in rage lately with the top fashion icons adapting this traditional and protective hairstyle.

From Rihanna, Kerry Washington, Kelly Rowland to the legendary Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice (1993), the queens have proved that box braids still set the stage to fire with their finesse and boldness. Box braids, named after their box-kind parting, are the unexpected solutions for many of your hair problems. Our grandmothers and moms have braided our hair to preserve the strength, shine, and volume of our hair as kids. Box Braids are elevating the notion to a greater level.

There are plenty of reasons to say yes to this hairstyle you’ve been thinking about for a long time.

  • Your Get Up and Go Hairstyle. 

The best part about box braids is their easy maintenance in simple steps. This hairstyle is perfect for women who don’t get much time for themselves. It doesn’t matter if you are stuck with no time for the morning routine. Your hair is not going to be an issue for sure. Encompass your hustling day in style and comfort with your gorgeous hair as your best friend.

  • Protect Those Tresses, Sis!

Natural protection is the best kind of protection out there. With the evolution of hairstyles, it is getting difficult step-by-step to protect the long tresses from heat and other damages. Braiding is the best way to leave your hair in its natural glory as you uplift your look. As all the strands are bound together in a neat and clean look, you can flaunt those tresses while they nourish in peace. Regular moisturization is still advisable to maintain hydration and vitamin levels.

  • Hair Care Solutions that Last Long 

Who doesn’t want to be free from the hassle of constant touch-ups and hair care routines? Well, hair braids in Melbourne have been elevated as long-lasting hair care solutions. Box Braids can stay up top for three/ six months, with a touch-up or two in between.

  • Perfect for Thin Hair

As surprising as that may sound, box braids are excellent for thin hair. When extensions are gently braided into thin hair, it adds thickness and length to your hair. It reduces damage from styling your hair every day and lets it naturally flourish with a neat front.

  • Freedom to Style!

Think of it as a bunch of strings. You can make anything out of that bundleYou get the freedom to choose your style. Ponytail, high buns, and so much more are still there in your ‘it’ list.

There’s nothing really to argue much here. Hair Braids in Melbourne are making a come-back like never before. Lavadene Hair Extensions Melbourne and Box Braids Melbourne have excelled the art of box braiding for every hair over the years.

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