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Clip hair extensions for thick long hair.

Sew In Hair Extensions Melbourne


Sew in hair extensions Melbourne is offered at Lavadene Hair Extensions at affordable prices. This method of hair extensions is one of the original and best way of attaching hair extensions.  The cost for sew in hair extensions is $395 for a full head including hair and application. If you have never had this type of hair extensions, you will absolutely love it.

How are Sew In Hair Extensions Applied?

Sew in Hair Extensions are applied by first braiding 2-3 small braids across your head. Then we sew in the weft hair extensions onto the small braids.

How long do Sew in Hair Extensions Melbourne last?

The sew in hair extensions last from 3-6 months.


The cost for a full head of sew in extensions is $395

This is includes a full  pack of Russian Human Hair Extensions and also application. We also cut and blend the extensions so that it blends in and looks very natural with your hair.


You will need to come in the salon to maintain your hair  extensions every 5 to 6 weeks. Cost to maintain your sew in extensions is normally $80.

We have a range of colours to match your hair and length. We use only the best human hair which is soft and tangle free.

Sew in extensions promote hair growth and has no damage to your natural hair. You need to make sure that you have an experienced technician who knows what they are doing. Lavadene Hair Extensions have over 15 years experience in Sew in hair extensions Melbourne. We care about your hair and want to make it a very enjoyable experience for you.

You can book online for Weave Hair Extensions also know as Sew in hair extensions, you can call or book online.


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