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Tape-In Hair Extension: Benefits and Removal Tips

Did you know? The first hair extensions date back to 5000 BC in Ancient Egypt. Everybody loves to make their hair look beautiful and especially women long for beautiful and stylish hair. Even if you don’t have long and beautiful hair doesn’t worry, hair extensions like Halo extensions Melbourne will come to your rescue.

The hair extensions Melbourne or the hair integrations are used to add length and volume to your hair. These hair extensions come in a wide variety of colours and styles enabling you to have a custom look anytime and anywhere. The hair extensions especially tape hair extensions Melbourne have become a popular method for clients, stylists, and celebrities. This blog explains in detail about the handling tips and the benefits of the tape hair extensions.

Why Are Tape Hair Extensions The Best Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions make you look and feel better. There are so many hair extensions readily available in the salons, but when it comes to the best hair extension, hands down the tape in hair extensions is the most requested in hair salons worldwide. The following are the reasons why tape hair extensions Melbourne is the best hair extension method,

  • Cost Effective

Tape hair extension is the least expensive semi-permanent hair extension method. The structure of the tape wefts and its application in your hair makes the maintenance costs associated with this type of hair extensions much lower than any other semi-permanent methods.

  • Easy Maintenance

Generally, the tape hair extensions are 1.5 inches in width. Thus they are easy for wearing and maintenance. You can wash and blow-dry the hair extension which is not possible with other types of hair extensions.

  • Prone To Less Damage

The tape hair extension is weightless and doesn’t pull your original hair creating discomfort. You also don’t need to worry about the loss of hair with these types of hair extensions.

  • Reusable

Being able to reuse your hair extensions is such an advantage, especially if you have had your extensions customised with your favourite cut and colour. After removing the tape, you can clean and replace it with a new tape.

  • Flexible And Invisible

The tape-in hair extensions suits with any hairstyles like braids super high ponytails etc. They are very thin and adapts with your natural hair, making them look like your natural hair.

Tips for Removing the Tape-In Hair Extensions

The following tips are mostly universal, and it can be used for most tape in hair extensions.

  • When removing the tape in hair extension panels complete the removal from the hair first and then remove the tape from the extension panel.
  • The removal solution should be of high quality, as most of the removal solutions temporarily neutralise the stickiness of the hair extension tape.
  • Putting two sticky parts of the panel back together will ensure nothing else gets sticky during the process.
  • Make use of leave-in conditioner spray as these sprays are creamy and water consistent.

Thus choose the tape-in hair extensions for a longer, fuller and more voluminous style.