Hair Extensions

Thinking of getting Hair Extensions? Get To Know A Few Things about the Hair Extensions

Psychologist states that a human being is biologically compelled to seek beauty, especially women desire more beauty than men in physical features!

When considering the physical aesthetics, the first thing that comes to your mind is your hair. Not all are blessed with long good-looking hair, so for those people who long for beautiful hair, hair extensions Melbourne are the best solution. Hair extensions help you to get the hair that you have always dreamt of. This blog gives you an idea on the hair extensions.

What Are The Types Of Hair Extensions?

Generally, hair extensions Melbourne, are made of either natural or synthetic hair. In natural hair extensions, the cuticles remain intact while the synthetic hair extensions are developed using silicones that imitate human hair. Natural extensions blend with your hair easily, but synthetic extensions require some procedure to make it blend with your hair. The following are the types of hair extensions that are available in both natural and synthetic versions,

  • Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions Melbourne is available in the form of strands with their base attached to a silicone. The clip in extensions Melbourne is fixed to the base and is ready to use. You can use or remove this type of extension very smoothly with zero hair damage. The clip-in hair extensions are least damaging because they don’t involve any chemicals or heat during its installation.

  • Tape-In Hair Extensions

The tape-in hair extensions are pre-glued. You can wear this only with the help of a hairstylist. The glue in the extension is melted and is fixed correctly in your hair roots by the hairdresser. If the extension and the gum are in good condition, you can reuse it.

  • Sew-In Hair Extensions

As the name suggests, the sew-in hair extensions are sewed along with your natural hair. Your hair is cornrowed first, and then your hair extension is stitched. This method works well for people with thick hair. The sew-in hair extensions can be applied only with an experienced hairdresser.

  • Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Pre-bonded hair extensions are also known as fusion extensions. As the name implies, these extensions are fused to your natural hair using adhesives. A hot glue gun is used for applying the glue to your hair roots and followed by that the hair is bonded. This method can be done by a skilled hairstylist only. Fusion extension may take 3 to 4 hours to apply.

  • Micro link Hair Extensions

Micro links or micro bead hair extensions are applied in tiny sections to your hair with a small silicone-lined bead. Your stylists make use of a particular instrument to fix these extensions. If not installed these micro beads properly, extensions will damage your hair. This requires 2 to 4 hours for its application by an experienced hairdresser.

Ways to Make Your Hair Extensions Look Natural

  • Find the perfect hair extension for you that match your hair’s colour, thickness, and length.
  • Try to use the natural hair extensions.
  • Clip the extensions properly.
  • Trim your hair to pair with the extension.

Thus get the right hair extension that enhances your aesthetic beauty.